Who do I work with?

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Who do I work with?


Who do I work with?

I've built up a brilliant network of partners and clients since 2003, partly through networking and word of mouth recommendations and partly through tools such as LinkedIn.

Client projects cover a huge spectrum and I’ve tried to give a flavour here but I am happy to chat and advise on most situations and variations.

  • Small businesses - A lot of my local networking is with the owners of other small businesses.

    I've worked with and written for engineers, retailers, potters, textile designers and makers, furniture designers and upholsterers, trainers, quality consultants, tourism businesses and woodland consultants. I’ve learnt that many of my skills are transferable and the key thing is to find the right words to describe a business.

  • Voluntary and community sector - Cumbria has a thriving third sector and also lots of social enterprises and cooperatives.

    I’ve provided training and written texts for voluntary organisations, developed marketing communications for craft cooperatives and written promotional tools and media relations for public events.

  • Public sector – I’ve worked with different branches of the regional and local development agencies as well as local government.

    I've predominantly worked on website content and stakeholder newsletters with local authority and development agency clients although I was also actively involved in the marketing communications around Cumbria’s Return to Work programmes, the CREA Food Technology Centre and case studies for the Cumbria Asset Reinvestment Trust (CART).

  • Private sector - I’ve worked on projects with several larger businesses in the private sector, including my past employer.

    There tends to be some technical content to the communications challenge which uses my science background and I’ve built up a client base in chemicals, energy and innovation.

Similarly, Partners include a range of specialist consultants, suppliers and advisers. Their strengths include graphic design, social media, photography, administration, exhibition design, training and marketing strategy.

I enjoy working with collaborators on projects so you can have the reassurance that I’ll call on reinforcements where they’re needed.